Key themes for 2018

In 2018, we piloted more nautical miles per person-day than ever before, while also maintaining the same pilotage prices. We developed our safety culture through shared learning and we invested heavily in digital services. The changes taking place in navigation also serve to foster the evolution of Finnpilot’s internal culture, in which dialogue and information exchange play a significant role in terms of the development of the organisation.

Watch the above video clips of the most important themes from 2018.

A year of growth

The year 2018 proved to be a year of strong growth for Finnpilot. The number of pilotage assignments increased in comparison to the previous year by more than 5% and the number of piloted nautical miles per labour day continued to grow. We provided pilotage services 24/7, every day of the year, in nearly all weather conditions. Even though recruitment was active and we gained new additions to our personnel, the year demanded a lot from Finnpilot’s employees. Despite the hectic pace of the year, we were able to maintain our excellent service level and keep our prices at the same level as the previous year. Every top navigational professional working for our company deserves a share of the gratitude for this successful year.


We work in an extremely safety-critical field and, therefore, safety is one of our three key values. We ensure safety for people, the environment and navigation. The year 2018 was a year of learning for us in terms of our safety culture. Our already strict safety practices were once again examined following the pilot boat accident in December 2017. We carried out many changes to our vessels, risk assessments, work guidelines and safety training for personnel. We also recruited a Training and Safety Manager to coordinate the safety work. The new information we have gained will serve to benefit Finnpilot as well as other professional vessel users in the future.


The trend of digitalisation in navigation is very apparent in Finnpilot’s strategy. We want to be a trendsetter in development: a pilotage organisation that is capable of reinventing itself as well as developing and utilising innovative technologies. For our customers, this translates into the provision of even more diverse services. During 2018, we strengthened our expertise and resources by recruiting a Development Manager for Digital Services. We produce and utilise an increasing amount of data in our operations and participate as an active contributor in different co-operative digitalisation networks.

Cultural change and professional development

This period of change within the field of navigation requires an internal change in our own work culture. Finnpilot contains Finland’s strongest navigational expertise; a resource that will be harnessed for the Finnpilot Academy training system, which is currently in development. By working together, we create a platform that enables us to learn a lot from one another. A culture of discourse that encourages dialogue, new work tools and an active exchange of information forms a promising foundation for the future of pilotage.

The Saimaa Canal drone material in the videos: Aku Kaikkonen

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