Finnpilot vuosiraportti 2020


‘Finnpilot Pilotage Ltd sought to earn recognition as one of the most inspiring workplaces in Finland, and on the basis of the good results from our personnel survey, we earned the recognition immediately during the first year. The survey provided us with valuable, comparable information about the well-being of our employees and their satisfaction with their workplace’, explains Anne Jänisvaara, Personnel Manager at Finnpilot.

We are continuously developing our workplace, and the results of the survey indicate that we have succeeded in our development work. This recognition motivates us to continue to work to improve the well-being of our personnel.

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Recognition as one of the Most Inspiring Workplaces

The work satisfaction of our personnel is measured annually through a personnel survey. In 2019, Corporate Spirit was selected to conduct the year’s survey. A total of 81.3% of the personnel responded to the survey. We have never before received such a comprehensive view of our personnel’s level of satisfaction with their work.

The result of the personnel survey was good on the whole. Employees’ commitment and dedication to their work was clearly higher than the general norm in Finland, as determined for comparison. The management and performance index also exceeded the comparison norm.

The survey company classified Finnpilot as an AA company, which enables Finnpilot to use the Most Inspiring Workplaces recognition. The overall rating given to employers is calculated on a scale of 1–6 and, in 2019, Finnpilot’s overall rating was 4.6 (4.7 in 2018).

Personnel survey results a sign of committed and dedicated employees

In terms of the entire company, the employer image, management culture and operational culture were perceived as being good. On the basis of responses, the changes carried out in our company have been implemented successfully. We listen to our personnel when making decisions that concern them. Finnpilot’s values are viewed as worthy of pursuing. The personnel were also satisfied with the support provided for well-being at work.

Areas for development on the unit level included, in particular, communications and inclusion. The personnel would like to be included to a higher degree in the development of the activities. Employees would also like to receive more feedback from their supervisors.

Following the personnel survey, the supervisors participated in online training to instruct them how to review the results of the survey by pilotage area. The discussions concerning the personnel survey endeavoured to identify areas for development at the different levels and, in particular, to find solutions to any problems that were observed.

Dialogue plays an important role in the well-being of personnel

In addition to the personnel survey, Finnpilot also monitors the satisfaction of its employees through active dialogue. The dialogue is carried out in the form of annual development discussions. The results of the personnel survey showed that those persons who had participated in development discussions were, in all aspects, more satisfied with their work than those who had not participated in development discussions.

The employees and supervisors will again be encouraged to engage in development discussions during 2020. These discussions are the right of the employees and a key tool for supervisors as part of their supervisory work. Supervisors are provided with the opportunity to participate in Finnpilot’s internal development discussion training.

The operational culture survey reveals positive development in our work community

In addition to the personnel survey, Finnpilot carried out its second operational culture survey during 2019. The first survey was conducted in 2017. The purpose of the follow-up survey was to determine whether the operational culture had developed in the right direction over the two-year period and how well we succeeded in enacting changes.

The response rate was 59% of those invited to respond, which included representatives of Finnpilot’s management, supervisors, administration and pilot dispatch. Based on survey results, a total of 76% of the respondents were of the opinion that Finnpilot’s operational culture had developed in the right direction over the past two years. An operational culture index was utilised as the indicator for the survey. On the basis of all the responses, the indicator showed an increase to 2.7 from the previous survey result (2.61 in 2017).

The respondents were asked, in the open answer section, to describe how the new values, which were updated in 2019, are currently visible in our operations. Nearly all of the answers included references to safety, which is an area that the company has focused on during recent years. Safety was also viewed as being the company’s most important value. Many also mentioned trust, which was visible in terms of, for example, transparent leadership and flexibility from supervisors.

Training system development

The building of Finnpilot’s internal training system, Finnpilot Academy, continued during 2019 and will be further developed during 2020. The aim is to establish a system that addresses the needs of the different personnel groups at the different phases of their career and reinforces the competence of the personnel within a changing operational environment. The ability to recognise, understand and apply new innovations and approaches in the midst of an age of technological change is ever more essential. Thus, we want our internal training system to provide such skills.

During 2019, our personnel participated in 350 training days that focused on, for example, rescue exercises, first aid, hot work, driving practice and protection against falls. At the start of 2019, we implemented our first winter sea navigation module, or ice module, for the purpose of ensuring the abilities of all pilots and pilot boat operators to manoeuvre in icy conditions.

As part of our internal training, we arrange training events for supervisors twice each year. During 2019, the spring event focused on the management and development of customer relations. The theme for the autumn event concentrated on the development of supervisory work and related occupational safety issues.

The themes endeavoured to address problem areas that had been highlighted in the personnel survey and, on the other hand, to strengthen occupational safety, which has been integrated into our values.

The training system was discussed as part of our internal development work as well as by an external working group that comprised representatives of Finnpilot as well as the Finnish Maritime Pilots’ Association, Traficom and maritime educational institutions.

New systems will increase our abilities to monitor training and safety information and facilitate further development

One key area of development for 2019 was the competitive tendering and acquisition of new systems that, once completed in 2020, will facilitate and ease the monitoring of personnel training and safety.

The new HR system will provide the possibility to compile training information in a single system and track the development of personnel with a more goal-directed approach. The new electronic and mobile application of the anomaly reporting system provides an easier means of notifying, responding to, forwarding and monitoring anomaly data related to safety and other aspects of the operations. The third new system we will be adding, during spring 2020, is an electronic system for chemical data.

The integration of these new systems will require time and effort from our personnel in order for them to learn how to utilise the new electronic tools. The intention of the new systems is to facilitate the practical work, to compile data more easily and to further advance our activities.