Finnpilot vuosiraportti 2020


We must be able to meet the expectations of our customers, the owner and co-operative partners now and in the future. The needs of our key stakeholders are made clear through active dialogue. As part of the effective customer relationship management, we have drafted specific plans for each stakeholder group, and the implementation of the plans is monitored regularly.

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Our key stakeholders

Finnpilot’s key stakeholders include the personnel, customers, owner, the authorities, decision-makers, local communities, subcontractors, the media and the public at large. Our activities also indirectly impact, for example, the residents of the archipelago and recreational boaters at sea. Our stakeholder groups call for the ongoing development of Finnpilot’s services, active collaboration and a consideration for aspects of responsibility in all our activities.

Customer satisfaction at a good level

On the basis of vessel surveys, our customers were satisfied with the services provided by Finnpilot in 2019. The biennial customer and stakeholder survey was not conducted in 2019.

Shipping companies and ports as customers, the State as owner

Our direct customers are primarily foreign shipping companies that benefit from the smooth and safe traffic our services guarantee both in the fairways and ports. Shipbrokers are representatives of the shipping companies, who work in Finland and manage the pilot orders and financial transactions.

The ports are among our indirect customers and vital co-operative partners. Cargo must reach ports and depart from ports reliably and without delays. Our endeavour is to ensure that the ports and Finnpilot have a shared vision of the development needs of pilotage services. Easily attainable and cost-efficient pilotage services are of primary importance to Finland’s industry and foreign trade, both of which we serve. Our pilotage services help to safeguard a smooth and cost-effective transport chain. International price comparisons show that our pilotage fees are among the most reasonable in the Baltic Sea region.

The Finnish Government owns 100 per cent of our company, but it is also one of our key stakeholders. It must be able to trust that we will carry out our special assignment responsibly from a financial and environmental perspective, as well as in terms of service dependability. By preventing maritime traffic accidents, pilotage generates safety and well-being for the environment and society as a whole.

Finnpilot’s strategy is updated each year. One part of the strategy is to survey the stakeholders and review their expectations.

We act ethically and respect agreements

We endeavour to reach our set objectives in a manner that is in keeping with our values and ethics, our interpretation of what’s right. The manner in which we operate tells what type of organisation we are. The rights and responsibilities that guide our operations are specified in Finnpilot’s Code of Conduct.

The company or any persons in its service are forbidden from accepting illegal benefits or bribes. Finnpilot is not affiliated with any political party nor does it prevent its employees from participating in societal activities, with consideration for the provisions on disqualification.

All our activities respect and comply with the laws, agreements and regulations that are currently valid within Finland. Our accounting and financial reporting comply with the valid accounting principles and norms. We ensure that our financial reports are accurate, and are reported in a way that is unambiguous and transparent.