Finnpilot vuosiraportti 2020


Our annual report is primarily intended for our key stakeholders, which include, e.g., our customers, our personnel and the owner. From their perspective, the fundamental aspects include the company’s financial situation and the descriptions and key figures related to the development of the personnel’s well-being at work.

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In terms of our other stakeholders, the report provides an overview of the impact of our pilotage services and their significance in modern society as well as of the ongoing development of the company’s activities. We also hope that our annual report is useful for decision-makers and ordinary citizens. It demonstrates the positive impacts that pilotage has on financial well-being and environmental protection.

Finnpilot Pilotage Ltd carries out the reporting of its corporate responsibility in compliance with the reporting model drafted for the ownership steering of State-owned companies, which was published in 2011 in connection with the decision in principle issued by the Government. The guidelines for non-listed State-owned companies were supplemented with the recommendation issued in 2016.

We have been reporting on our corporate responsibility since 2012. Our key figures reflect the shared mandatory key figures for all State-owned companies that are obligated to report. Supplementary and optional key figures and descriptions have been appended to the extent that such information is material in terms of the company’s activities.

Boundaries and scope of accounting

This report concerns the year 2019 and Finnpilot Pilotage Ltd. The figures for Ice Advisors Ltd, the subsidiary owned jointly by Finnpilot and Arctia Ltd, are not included in this report.

The report includes comparative information from earlier years, if such figures were available via accounting.

Measurement and calculation principles

The key financial figures have been calculated in the manner specified by Finland’s Accounting Act (1336/1997).

The key personnel figures have been calculated in the manner specified by the Accounting Act and in compliance with the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) to the extent required by the decision-in-principle issued by the Finnish Government.

The reporting on the tax footprint complies with the country-specific tax reporting guidelines for companies in which the State is a majority shareholder.