Finnpilot vuosiraportti 2020



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We support the well-being of our personnel

Finnpilot has a comprehensive occupational health service that supports the personnel in the prevention and treatment of illnesses. Finnpilot’s occupational health service includes the statutory preventive occupational health care and voluntary medical care for the treatment of illnesses. The aim of our occupational health service is to offer all our employees a healthy and safe work environment and to ensure the well-being of the entire work community. Our primary goal is to prevent work-related illnesses and occupational accidents, and to maintain the work ability and functional capacity of our employees as well as their ability to cope at work.

The medical certificate required for ship personnel is our means of ensuring that the health status of the individual in question is suitable for work on vessels. One cannot work as a pilot or pilot boat operator without a valid medical certificate or an exceptional permit granted by the Finnish Transport and Communications Agency, Traficom. In recent years, the terms for receiving an approved certificate have become more stringent and, as a result, the exceptional permits have also increased among Finnpilot personnel.

It is important to deal immediately with any issues that threaten work ability. In connection with the medical examination, employees also have the possibility to undergo testing to measure their physical performance level. Finnpilot works closely with the occupational health provider and encourages its personnel to contact their own occupational health physician as soon as they notice any changes in their own health situation. In the best case scenario, mutual co-operation will enable us to completely avoid sick leaves and the need to wait for exceptional permits to the medical certificate.

Aiming to maintain work ability throughout one’s career

The average age of our personnel is more than 50, a fact that emphasises the importance of maintaining well-being at work and work ability. Finnpilot supports well-being at work and exercise by paying the participation fees for its personnel to take part in different sporting events and by providing an annual recreational benefit to help encourage the physical activity of the personnel. During 2019, members of the personnel participated as a group in five different running events.

One of Finnpilot’s strategic projects is to identify ways to maintain work ability throughout the different phases of one’s entire work career. The project takes advantage of the expertise and knowledge of the occupational health provider and pension insurance provider. Planning of the implementation of the project was initiated in December 2019 and the project will be carried out during 2020.

BoatWeb enables us to monitor the periods of rest carried out by pilot boat operators, regardless of location

Pilotage work takes place during irregular shifts, thereby placing a physical and mental strain on the employees. In order to cope with the work, it is vital to take the time to recover and rest. The work at the pilot stations is carried out using a week on/week off system. To ensure regular periods of rest and recovery during the work week, Finnpilot has endeavoured to assure quality conditions.

The BoatWeb mobile application was taken into use for all pilot boat operators in spring 2019. The logging of periods of work and rest by mobile application is easier than ever and, above all, independent of location. According to feedback from the personnel, the logging of working hours using BoatWeb is simple. The ability to register work tasks using a phone is seen as being considerably easier than registering the task by computer. The personnel feel that it is beneficial to be able to see the period of rest in real time, and the application also notifies when the period of rest is completed.

Developments to the Pilot Dispatch Centre

A new managerial position was established for the Pilot Dispatch Centre at the beginning of October. The Pilot Dispatch Manager serves as the overall supervisor of the Pilot Dispatch Centre and manages the responsibility team comprised of shift supervisors. One of the key tasks of the new Manager is to develop the activities of the Pilot Dispatch Centre and Finnpilot’s pilotage process and to participate in co-operation with stakeholders.

Additionally, a new payroll system was taken into use in spring 2019. The aim of the new payroll system is to lay the groundwork for a supportive, equal and just salary policy as well as to provide a tool to support management. The salary of the pilot coordinators is comprised of a task-related salary component based on the task’s level of demand and a personal salary component based on personal performance.