Balance between work and rest

In irregular shift work, the predictability of the work tasks plays a fundamental role in maintaining one’s ability to cope at work. Our new digital systems make it easier to plan periods of work and rest.

Irregular shift work requires regular periods of rest

Pilotage work takes place during irregular shifts, thereby placing a physical and mental strain on the employees. In order to cope with the work, it is vital to take the time to recover and rest. The work at the pilot stations is carried out using a week on/week off system. To ensure regular periods of rest and recovery during the work week, Finnpilot has endeavoured to assure quality conditions in the pilot stations by acquiring supportive beds and quality linens, installing blackout curtains and paying special attention to air circulation and sound insulation. It isn’t possible, however, to force someone to rest, so everyone must take personal responsibility to ensure that they can sustain the level of alertness required by their own duties.

One way to fundamentally improve the ability to cope at work is through a better predictability of the work tasks. This is expected to be realised as a result of the development and expanded use of the Pilot Online pilot order system. The aim of Pilot Online is to simplify the pilot order process, to improve the reliability of timetable information and to facilitate communications in real time. During 2018, the development of Pilot Online continued and feedback was collected from customers who had used the system.

The issue of rest periods was discussed during the collective bargaining round in spring 2018. The aim was to realise a more balanced distribution, among the personnel, of daytime and night-time rest periods during work shifts. The objective was to avoid shifts that run too long without night-time rest periods. The Boatweb mobile application for pilot boat operators to log working hours and rest periods was developed and tested. The application will be available to all pilot boat operators during spring 2019.