Finnpilot vuosiraportti 2020



Finnpilot is an entirely state-owned special assignment company that has the exclusive statutory right to carry out pilotage activities. For this reason, the company’s activities are governed by the demand for openness, transparency and cost-efficiency. Corporate responsibility is a vital part of Finnpilot’s strategy and business activities.

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CSR management at Finnpilot

The Executive Committee and Board of Finnpilot are committed to corporate social responsibility as an integral part of our operational culture. We endeavour to influence society as a responsible actor and active participant in discourse within our field. We implement our social responsibility by ensuring the financial result of the company, but also in many other ways.

We comply with the relevant laws and regulations related to our activities, and we actively develop our environmental objectives and related indicators, while also monitoring the realisation of our responsibility goals. Our safety work is carried out in a systematic manner. We plan our activities for the long term and assess them critically. Quality management and ongoing development are integral parts of our work rhythm and methods.

Values, vision and mission

As of 2019, our renewed values are safety, trust and shared learning, which are, together, portrayed in the shape of a propeller. Our professional competence helps us to ensure safety for people, navigation and the environment. We put our trust in one another, while our customers and society put their trust in us. Furthermore, we exchange information, utilise our skills and establish the best operational methods together.

We draw on our competence and knowledge to guide ships safely and smoothly through the fragile maritime environment. Our customer-focused services and top expertise make us the most desired partner within the field of navigation.

Pilotage secures navigational efficiency

Navigation is of great significance to Finland’s national economy; the majority of our import and export goods are transported on ships. Pilotage services facilitate the transport of these goods without any unnecessary and expensive delays. Additionally, pilotage prevents many serious accidents each year that could result in a loss of tens of millions of euro.

Special arrangements for the pilotage activities in the Saimaa region

The provision of pilotage activities in the Saimaa region is governed by Finnpilot’s obligation to provide financially unprofitable services. The State grants a subsidy for the implementation of this task, whereby the difference between the coastal pilotage fee and the fee in the Saimaa region is compensated for by a maximum of the amount of the deficit in the Saimaa region.