Finnpilot vuosiraportti 2020


We are honest and open about our acquisitions, and we exercise competitive bidding for acquisitions in compliance with Finland’s public procurement legislation. We also reject the abuse of a dominant market position, and we do not act in a way that violates competitive neutrality.

We require our contractual partners to act according to the same values and principles. Any services and products being acquired are subject to environmental requirements, and the activities of suppliers will be monitored throughout the contractual periods.

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As a state-owned company providing a public service, Finnpilot Pilotage is a procuring entity that carries out its acquisitions in accordance with the Act on Public Procurement and Concession Contracts (1397/2016). In practice, this means that any acquisitions that exceed the threshold values of the company shall be announced openly as calls for tenders in the service.

The company is participating in numerous framework arrangements of the central government for the purposes of realising its acquisitions. The success of the acquisitions is vital for the company, as its daily activities and the realisation of its investment programme rest on this success. The company endeavours, through its own procurement activities, to ensure that the critical services required for its activities are available at all of its operational locations.

The acquisition of new pilot boats as an example

The third boat in the Pilot Boat 2016 series was ordered in December 2018 and completed in November 2019. Changes were made to the specifications, which will make the three remaining boats in the series to be self-righting. For this reason, a change notification was published with regard to the acquisition.

The attached video shows the progress of the project, implemented through close collaboration between the boat builders and personnel.