Finnpilot vuosiraportti 2020

Finnpilot Pilotage Ltd is an entirely state-owned special assignment company that operates in the manner prescribed by the Limited Liability Companies Act. The Pilotage Act stipulates that the primary objective of pilotage activities is the promotion of vessel traffic safety and prevention of environmental impacts. During 2019, Finnpilot handled a total of 25,123 pilot assignments covering 471,298 piloted nautical miles.

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We might refer to 2019 as the year of changes, since we actively renewed our activities during the year. We discussed our values with the personnel and changed them to better reflect our current tasks and endeavours. Our chosen values are safety, trust and shared learning. When we talk about the values, we refer to them as our value propeller, since we visualise them together in the form of a propeller with three blades.

Our new values are highly suitable for our activities, since our activities are based on safety, which we reinforce through trust and shared learning. A good practical example of the realisation of these values is in the reporting of our own mistakes. When trust is steadfast, everyone understands that it is not a matter of blame, but of seeking ways to further improve our activities. This creates a low threshold for reporting, which enables us to learn together, thereby further increasing our safety.

It has been a joy to see how well our new values have been received in the field.

The strong advancement of digitalisation within the field of navigation continued. Through One Sea ecosystem co-operation, we prepared an extensive research project, necessary for the development of safe remote pilotage. Our updated website provided customers with access to the Finnpilot Traffic Info service that displays timetable information for both piloted and non-piloted vessels in a single screen view.

Internally, we developed the management of pilotage data to support and further the development of our operational activities.

We improved our anomaly reporting system to be more systematic and transparent. The anomaly is visible to the reporting party until the matter has been concretely and completely resolved.

Our most important innovation of the year was the self-righting fast pilot boat, which we were able to launch for use at the end of the year. The self-righting property of the boat was proven when we turned the vessel upside down in the harbour, whereby it successfully righted itself, as designed. The entire process to realise the new pilot boat model has been an enormous effort, and for that, I wish to thank all Finnpilot personnel and other parties who contributed to its planning and implementation.

The pilotage assignments in coastal waters increased by nearly one percent in comparison to 2018. We piloted approximately one per cent more than in 2018. One impactful feature of the year was the building of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline in Finland’s waterways outside of Hanko and Kotka. For that purpose, we piloted 1,100 pipe-laying vessels, in addition to our standard pilotage assignments, which required an exceptionally high amount of resources in a specific area for several months of the year. As a national actor, we were able to provide the necessary capabilities for the pipeline project and, from our perspective, the work proceeded as planned.

Despite the temporary peak in our workload, our personnel survey showed that work satisfaction remained on a good level, and the response rate hit a new record of 81.3 per cent

Our safe, reliable, developing and enlightening work will continue to remain strong as well throughout the next year.

Kari Kosonen, CEO